Our Application Process is concise and straightforward. Serious applicants may finish their application within a few days.
We only entertain serious applicants. Once you sign up to be a Home-based Language Coach, you will automatically be given an account. Inability to complete a step for 3 consecutive days will result to its termination and corresponding cancellation of your application.
The Information Form is available upon Sign Up. There you will see a few questions on Personal Information, Educational and Work Background. We need these to verify your credibility.

You need to upload the following: - A decent photo of yourself

  1. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate
  2. Resume
  3. YouTube link of your introductory video
A preliminary evaluation consists of the following:
  1. English Proficiency Test
  2. Screening of Basic Requirements
  3. Questions about the Training Modules
It basically serves as screening of the applicant, whether he or she has the qualifications and the required skillset of an English Language Coach.
The Final Evaluation will include a Mock Class, which will test your:
  1. English Language Proficiency
  2. Employment of ISpeakBetter teaching methods in class
  3. Mastery of the ISpeakBetter Language Coach Panel
  4. Grasp of instructions on creating, conducting, and saving an ISpeakBetter class

After the mock class, we will discuss the student's feedback and the result of your application.

Students and Classes

ISpeakBetter has students all over the world. Currently, our biggest markets are the Middle East, the Balkans, and a few countries in Asia. Demographics also range from elementary-level students to middle-aged professionals.
Students book a Class through our Automatic Booking System. They choose both Language Coach and Class Schedule upon purchase of Class Package.
We don’t guarantee that you get booked on all your free schedule. As mentioned, students get to choose their Language Coach. A roster of all Language Coaches will be available to them; thus, it is advisable that you choose a favorable schedule and present yourself properly in your Coach Profile (image and write-up).
Upon completion of application, you will be given log-in details to our Coach Panel. Your schedule appears on the homepage. It is updated daily.
Classes are conducted in the ISpeakBetter Virtual Classroom. You can access this in your Coach Panel.

Fees and Payments

The hourly rate offer will be based on the applicant's credentials.
We have a payment tracking system in the Coach Panel. The accounting of your classes for specific cut-off are provided.
You will be paid on a Bi-Monthly Basis. The payment will reflect on your bank account every 15th and 30th of the month.
For language coaches residing in the Philippines that has an existing account on any Philippine bank, we will transfer your salary on your existing account.

For native language coaches, we'll transfer your salary via PayPal.